Ashley Madison Breach Victims Still Worried


The users of the online dating website Ashley Madison have more to worry about. A new cyber extortion scam is targeting the users who experienced data breach back in 2015. This article will tell you more about the new threat and help you find the right adult dating merchant account for your adult business.

Ashley Madison’s Case &Adult Dating Merchant Account

Ashley Madison, which is an extramarital dating site, became a target for online attackers in 2015. The hackers got access to the personal details of 37 million people. Now, the users are facing a new threat: they’re receiving emails from hackers. 

The fraudsters aresending a password protected PDF attachment demanding about $1.000 USD worth of bitcoin. These emails are full of personal details from the breach itself.More specifically, the criminals give the victims a period of 6 days after sending the email. The hackers are mainly targeting users in the U.S., Australia, and India.

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Data Breaches: Better Protection From Fraud

In July 2015, the attackers, known as the “Impact Team,” got access to nearly 60 gigabytes of sensitive information from Ashley Madison. According to Kaspersky, the affected users have been a target for the attackers who’re using credit card scams, as well as spam emails.

Of course, this is rather threatening since the hackers can reuse the exposed personal data not only for extortion, but also for credential stuffing, and other types of attacks. 

It goes without saying that it’s critical to take the right measures so to avoid becoming a fraud victim. For this, the professionals in the field advise to store information in secure storage spaces and to provide protection not only for endpoints, but also for any component of multilayered systems.

So, 5 years have passed since adult website Ashley Madison experiences a high-profile data breach. Even today, the users are being victimized by extortion plots demanding around $1.000 in bitcoins to avoid further embarrassment.

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