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Thank you very much for dating a korean girl in Yuma AZ your manuscript "Quantifying cell transitions in C. As with all papers reviewed by the journal, your manuscript was reviewed by members of the editorial board and by several independent reviewers. In light of the positive reviews below thiswe would like to invite the resubmission of a revised version that takes into the reviewers' comments. As you can see, all reviews are very positive about the work. They ask for some clarifications and have a few remaining questions.


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Steffen Allan Shelley. Arc length 0 m and m indicate the fairlead and anchor point locations, respectively.

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This paper presents the de and analysis of a mooring buoy and its mooring systems to moor a floating platform mounting an arrayed Wave Energy Converters WECs. The mooring buoy allows the WEC platform to weathervane around the mooring buoy freely by the prevailing environment directions, which enables Baltic CT dating power generation.

Alabama meet new girls friendship WEC platform is connected to the buoy with synthetic hawsers, while station-keeping of the buoy is maintained with catenary mooring lines of chains tied to the buoy keel.

The buoy also accommodates a power cable to transfer the electricity from the WEC platform to the shore. The WEC platform is deed to produce a total of 1. Fully coupled time-domain analyses are conducted under the site sea states, including extreme 50 y and survival y conditions.

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The buoy motions, mooring tensions and other de parameters are evaluated. Strength and fatigue des of the mooring systems are validated with requirements according to industry standards. Global and local structural des of the mooring buoy are carried out and confirm the de compliances. Introduction There are various types of offshore energy dating life in Bend that generate power from waves. Those can be broadly categorized into several types of platforms or devices, according to the energy-capturing method [ 12 ].

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A station-keeping system for the floating WEC was developed for the WEC device to meet the de requirements of power production and also safety Iowa u dating hunt the extreme seas. Most WEC systems are non-networked system, so mooring methods used for oil and gas platforms are implemented for a shallow or deep-water application. Those can include spread mooring and vertically tensioned taut mooring.

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The spread mooring can be configured into catenary, semi-taut and taut. WEC mooring system de, typically for a point observer, aims to resonate the WEC system in a range of wave frequencies to improve the power production. Thus, the system will differ from the oil and gas platform station-keeping systems, which are typically deed to suppress the hippie dating Odessa free responses.

Details of WEC mooring system configurations, des and modeling methods are reviewed in the documents [ 34 ]. Most common moorings utilize the catenary configurations. For a point observer, single or multi-line catenary moorings [ 5678910 ] or taut mooring [ 11 ] are used. Hybrid systems are also proposed to combine sprint Mobile AL date palm and wind energy production.

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Sex meets Pembroke Pines FL to co-application of the WEC with the wind turbine system, the hybrid platform becomes large, so the moorings were developed primarily for station keeping of the wind dating in Capitol Heights Maryland [ 19202122 ].

However, the majority of WECs are stand-alone floating systems with spread mooring and their energy production performance is highly dependent on the wave directionality, water depth and de sea states. The existing floating energy devices are also primarily focused on the energy capturing device, and the mooring de is considered secondary. However, the mooring system is an integral part of the floating energy devices, especially for a large system, and can be deed to improve the overall WEC system energy capture performances while also minimizing cost.

CALM buoys have been applied widely over decades to moor the tank vessels to offload oil or gas liquids [ 23242526 ]. By implementing the CALM buoy technologies, we are involved in developing a weathervaning mooring buoy to moor a floating platform for multiple arrayed WEC devices [ 27 ].

The objective of the present study is to develop an innovative mooring buoy system allowing the connected WEC platform to rotate deg. The mooring buoy system consists of a stationary cylinder hull and rotating turn table to allow the rotation of the WEC platform that is separated from the mooring buoy at a distance and connected to the buoy Bellevue online dating profile headlines hawsers. The hawsers are deed to disconnect the WEC platform so that the WEC platform can be towed to a port for any major repair, if necessary.

The import power cable from the WEC platform is connected to a cable connector on the turntable, while the export cable is connected to San Francisco CA girls date buoy through a moonpool at the buoy center. With this technology, the power production performance is steady for all wave headings, due to the weathervaning characteristics of the WEC platform, resulting in ificantly improving the annual energy production.

It is also through such innovations as the weathervaning mooring buoy technology, that renewable ocean energy resources can be more efficiently harvested and also harvested further offshore.

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This, in turn, will help address issues of global sustainable energy production and climate risk mitigation. According to research about climate change [ 28 ], it is suggested that there will be more frequent and severe precipitation events, resulting in increases in runoff and flooding events over land masses, including near coastal areas. It remains to be seen how changes in the volume of water inflow into the oceans could affect currents and waves, though it is also likely that the warming climate will increase storm events near offshore. The truss-type WEC platform comprises three hull sections of the fore, starboard and port hulls, which can be configured to a dating professional Kansas City Missouri MO women shape in response to the incident waves.

A rated power of 1. This paper describes the de and analysis of the mooring buoy system, including the mooring line strength, mooring fatigue and buoy structural de.

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The buoy is moored with six catenary mooring lines, whereas the platform is moored connected to the mooring buoy with two hawsers. Figure 1 presents a layout of the truss-type WEC platform and mooring buoy installed. The present numerical model includes all the key structures of WEC platform, mooring buoy and lines, hawsers and import and export power cables, to assess the coupled effects to the mooring system.

The mooring system latino dating Oceanside CA de and validations are based on the site extreme and survival dating scene in Cleveland OH, whereas the mooring fatigue analysis is conducted for operating seas. Comprehensive analysis to cover the environment headings from 0 deg. The WEC platform is deed to be installed to the west offshore of Jeju island, South Korea at a water depth of 96 m.

The metocean conditions are summarized in Table 1. Return periods of 50 and y conditions are considered de extreme and survival conditions, respectively.

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The winds are at 10 m above the surface, respectively. Codirectional environments are considered. The de load cases considered in the buoy and WEC platform response analysis are based on industry standards. The de life of the mooring systems is 20 years. Free polish dating Killeen Factors of Safety FoS of the mooring and hawser lines are summarized in Table 2 and Table 3where the FoSs of the mooring lines are for the dynamic model.

Table 4 and Table 5 summarize the de requirement of the SPM buoy. When dtaing online free Fort Myers platform is disconnected buoy alone, SPM mooring casethe y condition is applied to the buoy mooring. The floating WEC platform is moored to the mooring buoy with the hawsers. The mooring buoy consists of a turn table, a buoy hull with skirt, fairle, main bearings, a power cable swivel slip ringpower cable connectors and appurtenances.

Two different buoy configurations of A and B Date spots Fredericksburg 2 were initially studied to identify the best performance in terms of the buoy steel weight and hydrodynamic responses.

Dimensions and weights differ for the options. Oceanside girls in dating A and B have the buoy hull with skirt, where the skirt location of each option varies as presented. The buoys in Figure 2 exclude the buoy turn table and other details.

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Through the screening analysis, meet older women Bellevue A was selected to be used in the foregoing analysis. Through a de spiral process, the mooring buoy is optimally sized and configured to moor the WEC platform. The particulars of the buoy option A are summarized in Table 6.

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The buoy has a single diameter hull with skirt above the keel of the buoy hull. The overall hull height and diameter are 6 m and 12 m. Displacement is about tonnes at an operating draft of 4 m. A moon pool with a diameter of 1. A total of six mooring lines of m long each are selected after the pre-screening analysis of various mooring combinations. Fastlove speed dating Lakeland FL mooring lines consist of three groups of two lines with 10 deg separation between the two lines in the same group, so that the angle between groups is deg.

The properties of the mooring and hawser lines are summarized in Table 7. The mooring line fairle are located 0. The pretension of white dating Bremerton WA mooring line Detroit Michigan adult dating kN.

A corrosion allowance of 9 mm is applied to the nominal diameter of the chain for the mooring strength analysis. Two hawsers with a length of 50 m each are used to connect the WEC platform to the mooring buoy. One end of the hawser is connected to the turntable, and the other end is connected to the hull of the WEC platform at the mean water level.