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Dames for Danes Great Dane rescue is comprised of a of strong and independent women who set out to ensure our Rescue Danes get the best homes, with the best families, for the best forever lives they can possibly be granted.


Great Danes turn he. Their regal stature, large size, and adorable jowls have made the giant breed a star in cartoons and comic strips while their gentle nature and affectionate, easygoing dispositions have made them popular companion animals. The origin of the Great Dane can be traced back to ancient Egypt where drawings of men walking giant dogs resembling Great Danes were found interracial dating Dallas Tx or monuments dating back to 3, B. Due to their size, Great Danes, known as Boar Hounds, were trusted hunters and valued protectors.

German nobles bred Great Danes in large Carolina danes dating and favored the largest and most attractive dogs, developing the breed and welcoming the gentle giants into their homes. The transition from working dog to companion animal led to the breed being known as Kammerhunde or Chamber Dog. Only royals owned the breed, pampering them with ornate collars that were padded with velvet and adorned with fringe.

Over time, Great Danes became sought after and the breed could be found across Europe.

Great dane

The name stuck and perpetuated the notion that the breed hails from Denmark though its origins can be traced back to a much more ancient and remote part of the world. The Great Dane is a giant breed with males reaching 30 to 32 inches in height and weighing in between to pounds. Females are just a little smaller, reaching 28 to 30 inches tall and weighing between and pounds.

Blind dates Richmond Virginia VA Danes are powerful, muscular dogs with broad, deep chests, Miami free boyfriend legs, and rectangular he with strong muzzles and expressive, intelligent eyes.

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Their coats are short and thick and have a glossy appearance. Great Danes come in taio Moreno Valley CA dating different colors, including black, black and white, blue, brindle, fawn, harlequin, mantle, merle, and white and their coats may have distinct patterns or markings. Brindle dogs have black cross stripes on their backs, chevron patterns on their coats and black masks while harlequin Great Danes have a white and black base color with merle patches all over their bodies.

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These oversized lap dogs love spending time with their owners and will happily tag along for walks or curl up on the couch for movie night. Although their size and deep bark might make them imposing, Merino warns that Great Danes, while protective of their owners, are not date San Diego guy best guard dogs.

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We tell them that if you need a security system, get an alarm, not a Great Dane. Merino notes that most Great Danes get along well with children and penpals Philadelphia Pa free pets, including smaller dogs and cats, as long as the dogs are well socialized and proper introductions are made.

Their size and exuberance—the breed remains in puppyhood until they reach 2 years old—might not make them the best match for families with small children or apartment living. And a big dog thundering across a small apartment might not be the best idea with neighbors living below.

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Your Great Dane needs regular vet care, a high quality diet, exercise, and grooming to ensure they live long, healthy lives. Like all dog breeds, Great Danes do best on a diet formulated for their age and size.

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As fast-growing puppies, a lower fat, lower protein diet is best for the giant breed to promote healthy bone and muscle development. If you are looking for a running partner, this is not the breed to choose. For older dating Cedar Rapids IA big breed, Great Danes only require small amounts of exercise.

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Ellison recommends daily walks to provide physical and mental stimulation. Great Danes will also enjoy playing in a women seeking men for sex Santa Ana CA backyard. Due to their size, these dogs can easily clear short fences and sometimes tall fences, too and should never be left unattended in the yard.

Their grooming needs are basic and include regular brushing, nail trims, and ear cleanings and occasional baths. Bloat : Great Danes, like other deep chested-breeds, are at high risk for bloat.

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The condition occurs when gas stretches the stomach, causing it to twist, cutting off the blood supply to the stomach. Ellison advises using puzzle toys to feed Great Danes and prohibiting exercise webcam dating Corona hour before and after meals to minimize the risk of bloat.

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Untreated, bloat can be fatal. Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy : This condition, better known as HOD, is a skeletal disorder that affects fast-growing large-and giant-breed dogs.

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It has a sudden onset and can cause symptoms such as painful, aching limbs, lethargy, fever and partial paralysis in dating service Killeen TX area. In mild cases, puppies can recover but more severe causes of HOD can cause disabilities and deformities. Unfortunately there is no cure.

In dogs with DCM, the walls of the heart become thin and dilated, causing an abnormal rhythm and progressive loss of heart function. Without adequate blood circulation to the heart, fluid can build up in the lungs, causing chronic lethargy.

DCM often goes undetected for years. There is a strong genetic component to the disease. The U. Carolina danes dating and Drug Administration is in the midst of ongoing research to determine meet asian women in Erie there is a link between grain-free diets and DCM.

Great Danes are the tallest dogs in the world. The breed inspired several adorable cartoon characters, including Scooby Doo, Marmaduke, and Astro the space age dog on the Jetsons. He enlisted on August 25,and traveled with sailors serving as their companion and mascot.

The Great Dane died on April 1, and was buried with full military honors.

Your best bet to find a Great Dane is a breed-specific rescue. These include:. Most rescues will require an adoption application, vet references, and a home visit to approve an adoption. Before filling out an application, Ellison suggests thinking through the practical flirt fitness Bend OR. The doses for most flea and tick and heartworm medications go up to pounds but Great Danes can weigh up to pounds, which means two pills per month.

Their anesthesia costs, also calculated by weight, will be higher for procedures such as dental cleanings or surgeries.

Dames for danes is an all-volunteer non-profit c3 animal rescue organization based in oak ridge, tn dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused and neglected great danes in virginia, kentucky, tennessee, and georgia, as well as to other areas in which our resources will allow.

And food costs for giant breed dogs are also usually higher than those for small and medium-sized dogs. These considerations often mean that it can take longer to adopt a Great Dane. Males can stand 30 to 32 inches tall while females can reach heights between 28 and 30 inches tall. Like all dog breeds, Great Danes do shed some hair but the shedding is minimal thanks to their short, dating Point TX guys in coats. Online dating Atlanta Ga 18 Danes were bred to hunt boars and their descendants were known as Boar Hounds but the breed has evolved to a companion that is bred to serve as a four-legged best friend.

Most Great Danes are good with respectful children. Their sheer size increases the odds that children could get knocked over but the breed is not known to be aggressive.

Breed details

Children should never be allowed to treat a Great Dane like a horse and attempt to ride them, Ellison warns. With their giant statures and varying coat colors, Great Danes provide endless looks that best date ideas Richmond Virginia VA us want to open our homes to these very! Browse these pictures of Great Danes to see these colossal canines in action.

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When you stand, they will lean on you or sit on your feet.