Casual Dating Explained

Casual dating is when you meet up with people for sexual gratification. There are no relationship expectations with this type of dating. The two or more people involvedgo their separate way afterwards.

The ability to ‘move on’ is why casual dating is so popular with young people who do not want to commit. But anyone of any age can enjoy it. It enables people to have sex without the baggage, a bit like you get with a one-night stand. 

There is a big difference between a one-night stand and casual dating, however, and that is how people meet. Casual dating starts online, whereas a one-night stand starts on the night out. This makes casual dating a more ‘informed’ dating experience, because it gives the parties an opportunity to discuss their likes, interests and boundaries. This makes for a safer and more enjoyable sexual experience. 


Casual dating is also known as ‘no strings attached’ dating, which is actually quite a good descriptor. It is also known as ‘friends with benefits’ dating. Some people call it being in an ‘open relationship’. Anyway, the point is, any dating where you can walk away at the end of it without having to call again is casual dating. 

This type of dating is nothing new. People have been having casual sex for thousands of years. People just have sex. It’s perfectly normal, although today’s modern world is far more accepting of such behaviour. 

Popularity and groups 

Casual dating is most popular with young people, between the ages of 18 and 30, but a significant number of people over the age of 30 engage in it too. 

It doesn’t discriminate by gender, age, sexual orientation or physical characteristics. Everyone has their own taste, and the internet makes finding people of interest very easy indeed. The internet has also made it easy to meet up for group sex. Threesums are par for the course. Foursums are common too. 

Casual dating is growing in popularity and more people than ever are engaging in it. It’s considered normal, although not dinner conversation just yet. If you want to get started, head online and use a platform that allows you to message people within it. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by your experience. Here is full explanation of what is casual dating


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