Choosing the best of Erotic Massages

As a preliminary, simply to share a naughty moment to two or to really relax your man while remaining in a romantic atmosphere, make a sensual massage for his man finds his place at any time. It is so nice.

Nice yes, as long as you know how to do it. When, in what atmosphere?

But above all, what are the appropriate actions to take? If you do not have the time or the means to offer a massage to apprehend the different techniques, do not panic and read on. You will see that finally succeeding wonderfully her sensual massage is not so complicated. With the best choices for massages you can go for מונאקו כפר סבא.

On the other hand, even if she has unhooked her bra, do not try to touch her breasts yet, just make sure you get a very stealthy rustling for the moment. Stay as neutral as possible. If the back is well oiled, do not hesitate to massage energetically, with a certain grip. Show manliness and gentleness at a time. Vary the rhythms and movements. Knead, press, feel-roll, tapping. Use mainly your thumbs, this is what you recognize a good masseur. You can also use massage instruments if you have them, just to vary the sensations. But concentrate mainly on the sensations of skin to skin. Feel free to think outside the box by massaging his arms, ear lobes for example. And when you feel it, massage him a good time lower back, at the birth of the buttocks. If she agrees (why not ask him?), You can also massage her buttocks directly. With the elbows, it is for example very nice and like that, you start to vary the contacts between your bodies.

It’s up to you to play for a sex massage

After about twenty minutes of massage, tell yourself that you have all the cards in hand. After the “professional” massage, the girl is already perfectly relaxed and receptive, you can slowly slip to the bonus part: a massage that becomes more and more sensual. Do not force things. The girl must not feel rushed, everything must happen very naturally. The ideal is to take him down, to regain some control by pouring oil on the legs, to massage the entire body. If it does not oppose resistance, voila! Otherwise, she will undress herself afterwards. You can also start slipping your hands under your stomach. Why not start to massage the breasts. If he likes it, you can also offer him to massage the other side. This is a very good opportunity to start preliminaries.

Last Words

When in underwear, start sliding your hands under the fabric. Massage him slowly up the pubic area. Come back to it several times: it will raise the excitement and it is absolutely irresistible! Alternate with more neutral movements so that she does not know where the massage ends and the foreplay begins. When you feel it, take off her bra (if she had kept it), then her panties (do not let her drag around her ankles, remove her completely, without rushing). Here she is completely naked, at your mercy. Do not rush. Continue to massage. You have your fingers full of oil: take the opportunity to gently engage more daring gestures. Start petting her very slowly. It will be the height of excitement. Normally, the first kiss is not very far and it could well be that it gives you all the pleasure you gave it. We wish you good luck.

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