Five Reasons Long-Term Couples Tend to Have Less Sex

Most romantic relationships start with attraction first, and then comes love. Soon after, the couple takes the vow to be together no matter what.

But then, life happens, and conflicting work schedules drive them apart. Unknowingly, their priorities change. Soon, they find it challenging to make time to have sex. 

Being passionate and crazy about one another is expected at the start of every relationship. But then, it is also expected for the sex frequency and sex drive to decrease at some point. So, why does a couple’s sex life drop as the relationship goes longer?

Getting too relaxed   

There is a time in every relationship when the couple goes beyond infatuation and feels secured with one another. However, being in a relationship for so long can also have a catch. Getting used to one another means that you get to share each other’s stresses and obligations, too.    


Another potential issue that couples may experience is satiation. There may come a time when you will feel satiated about the things that used to excite both of you when you were still younger and just starting your relationship. It is just like driving your car. You would not have as much fun driving it now as you did a couple of years ago when it was brand new.

However, satiation is normal for everyone and is not anybody’s fault. To break away from it, you can try giving your sex life some twist and spicing up things by making use of male chastity training devices and other sex toys.

Physical aspects  

Aging, as well as medical issues, may also be the reason for a couple’s dwindling sexual urges. Experts say that testosterone production drops as people age. Even more, childbirth and pregnancy can also be a factor for decreasing sexual desire.

Lower self-esteem   

Another common factor couples tend to feel lax when it comes to their sex life is their partner’s self- confidence. When one of you is more eager to have sex compared to the other, self-esteem issues usually come after that. In cases like this, experts say that it is best to figure out where you often have sex that you feel the connection with one another.

Another way to reignite your passion for one another is through responsive desire. It means that the partner with the higher libido starts to stimulate the other person by caressing and touching to get them turned on.  

Sexual dysfunction

Another common issue that couples may have is sexual dysfunction. It can include difficulty to reach orgasm, erectile dysfunction or pain during sexual intercourse. Depending on your condition, there are a few masturbation treatments that can help you reach orgasm. Rethink how you have sex and focus more on giving pleasure to your partner instead of focusing too much on reaching orgasm.

These are just a few of the reasons some couples experience a decrease in their sexual activity as their relationship lasts longer. It is best to keep open communication with one another to see what is really going on. Being open with your partner is the best way to learn about their challenges and see if there is anything that you can do to help them with it.  



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