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Nebraska Promise is the university's expanded financial aid program. It provides free tuition for students who meet i Cary a woman looking for a woman and family income qualifications. The program is simple. There is no separate application. Eligibility for a Pell Grant is based on your family's 'expected family contribution' toward the cost of college. This is determined by a formula that considers your family financial situation, family size and the of children in college, the cost of attendance and your enrollment status full- or part-time.


Tirades about condoms, and claims of misinformation. A parent declaring Valley AL ladies dating children are being force-fed course material "straight from the pits of hell.

Such has been the tenor of recent school board meetings in Omaha as board members contemplate the first update in three decades of the school district's sex education curriculum.

A public meeting in October ended in chaos after shouting and shoving broke out between supporters and opponents of the update who had packed by the hundreds into an auditorium. This month, as board members sat in stoic silence, activists from both sides vented their feelings during three hours of public comment - reflecting divisions that have bedeviled school boards nationwide, as well fast flirting Milwaukee Wisconsin WI state legislatures and even Congress.

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Kathryn Russell, a grandmother who formerly worked for the Omaha school district, dating Vallejo girl in the proposed curriculum "rapes children of their innocence. Supporters of the update - ranging from the president of the city council to students who spoke - exhorted the school board to equip students with reliable information that would help the Omaha region lower rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that are above the national average.

It's about understanding and taking care of your body and being prepared for a healthy future. In Omaha, as in many U. Yet as more young people turn to social media and online resources - including Fairfield distance dating online for sex-related information, there's pressure on schools from other quarters to offer accurate, candid information that can compete with and correct what's available beyond the classroom.

It is one of several organizations that's developing online sex education to supplement school-based programs. Quality online programming "is not buffeted by political fights over what teens can and West Columbia hookup learn," Albert said.

In Omaha, school board president Lou Ann Goding said one of the motivations for updating the sex-ed curriculum is to counter misinformation that students might encounter outside of school. Several of the update supporters who spoke at the Jan. Among South Bend dating services for professionals were fourth graders Samantha Bourne and Hadley Forsen, who said they already were getting "nonfactual" information from their friends on sex-related topics.

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Sex education in America has a long and checkered history, winning the backing of the U. Public Health Service ingaining traction in the s during the early years of the AIDS epidemic, but generating steady opposition from older dating online Yuma reviews conservatives.

Omaha Public Schools, which serves about 52, students in its district, has taught sex education since as part of a course called Human Growth and Development.

The process that's been underway since early last year marks the first comprehensive review of the course. Abstinence is encouraged in the curriculum, which also covers such topics as reproductive anatomy, pregnancy prevention and NJ dating age transmitted diseases.

As initially proposed, the updates would add discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in 7th and 8th grades, and discussion of abortion and emergency contraception in 10th-grade lessons on birth control.

The school district conducted a telephone survey of about 1, parents last year, and reported that a sizable majority supported adding those topics to the curriculum. But the margins of support for slow dating Gainesville abortion and emergency contraception components were smaller than for other topics, and school officials now plan to omit them. Over the course ofsome churches and other groups began to circulate criticisms and warnings about the district's plans.

Spearheading the opposition is a conservative Christian group, Nebraskans for Founders' Values, San Joaquin CA hookup has held briefings at local churches and encouraged skeptical citizens - whether public school parents or not - to attend school board meetings to vent their displeasure.

Comprehensive sex education "is pornography under the guise of education," the group contends.

Many of the opponents' allegations have been categorically denied by the school district, including claims that the new curriculum was deed by Planned Parenthoodwould authorize school staff to take students to get abortions, and would provide them with birth control.

Board members stress that none of the sex-ed courses will be mandatory - parents must opt their children into the classes offered in 4th, 5th and 6th grade, and can keep them out of the classes in middle school and high school. Topics for 4th graders include puberty and how to stay safe from sexual abuse; by middle school students are learning meet an College Station girl methods of contraception.

University launches sexual misconduct training for all students, employees

The board plans to vote on new standards for the sex-ed program on Jan. Some opponents have urged the board to hold off on implementation until parents can review the final version of the proposed curriculum. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 22 states and the District of Columbia require public schools to teach sex education. In other states, including Nebraska, it's generally up to individual school districts to decide what form of sex education, if any, is to meet Fort Collins CO. In 35 states, parents are allowed to keep their children out of sex-ed classes.

In some states, there have been recent steps to ensure that the sex-ed curriculum includes positive instruction about different sexual orientations and fun Ocala date ideas identities, and to address sexual free sex meets Nebraska and violence. There's no detailed nationwide breakdown of how the 13, school districts in the U. Its latest report, with data fromsuggests that programs in a substantial majority of school districts stress the benefits of sexual abstinence, while a smaller portion offer instruction in high school about usage of specific contraceptive methods, including condoms and emergency contraception.

In most of the U. Leslie Kantor, vice president of education for Planned Parenthood, said the statewide policies are not a best Jersey City NJ for casual hookups barometer for what's happening school by school.

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Whether or not there was a statewide mandate, an individual district might do a good job or bad job with its course, she said. John Santelli, an adolescent medicine specialist at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, says there has been a slight decline in the teaching of comprehensive sex education, including instruction on condom use. He finds that worrisome, citing research that casts doubt on the effectiveness of dating scene in Ogden UT programs.

While the federal government has no direct role in dictating sex-education curriculum, it has influence in the form of federal funding for various programs. Fromthe start of Ronald Reagan's administration, throughsuch funds went predominantly to abstinence-only programs; sinceunder President Barack Obama, abstinence funding has been reduced and larger sums appropriated for comprehensive sex-ed programs. Rival advocacy groups lobbied hard in Congress last year to get a favorable outcome for their approach.

Parents, schools divided as sex ed controversy erupts

Valerie Huber of Ascend - formerly the National Abstinence Education Association - would like to see Free sex meets Nebraska move toward equal funding earmarked for comprehensive and abstinence approaches. In the meantime, Ascend and its allies are working to scrap the term "abstinence-only," which they felt was a detriment. They now describe their approach as "sexual risk avoidance" and contrast it with what they call a "sexual risk reduction" SRR approach in comprehensive sex-ed programs. According to the CDC's latest figures, from44 percent of female teens and 47 percent of male teens between 15 and 19 have had sexual intercourse - ificantly lower than 25 years earlier, but up slightly from Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor of education and history at New York University, worries that many adolescents are learning about sex via pornography on the Internet.

Online porn and misinformation can best be countered by accurate online informationsaid Zimmerman, who praised initiatives that enable teens to ask questions and get answers from health educators via text message. Planned Parenthood - a longtime advocate of comprehensive and candid 100 free online dating in North Dakota education for adolescents - has recently developed a set of digital meet women in Fargo ND for free to provide sex education on mobile phones.

University sexual misconduct policy

One app is deed to help young women identify what methods of birth control would best meet their needs; two other apps emphasize the importance of using both condoms and a more effective form of birth swingers local Detroit Michigan. At the Jan. Conservative activists said such subjects should be left to the parents, and suggested the school district could create a website that would assist them in that task. However, Cheri Duryea of the Women's Fund of Omaha, which supports the update, said many parents don't talk Los Angeles CA dating ideas their children about sex, even if the children would welcome that.

Many of the parents attending the meeting were black or Hispanic, reflecting the fact that racial minorities comprise about 70 percent of the school district's students. Several black civic leaders were among the supporters of the curriculum update, including the head of the Urban League of Nebraska, the president of the Douglas County Board of Health, and City Council President Ben Gray.

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However, black and Hispanic activists who oppose the update were among the most vehement speakers. Gwen Easter, a black woman who runs a community center and preschool program, assailed the proposals to teach acceptance and understanding of gay and transgender youth. Let's empower our children to say no to persian dating in Peoria IL outside of marriage, teach them to have self-control.

They are not animals. In all, more than 40 people addressed the school board, with opponents of the update outing supporters roughly Among the opponents was Deanna Rabuck, perfect date in Wayne became widely known on social media after her comments at the stormy October meeting were captured on cellphone video and aired on local TV stations. Five daughters! Who's going to keep them pure?

Not OPS! She has two sons - the elder a kindergartener already coming home with questions about sex-related comments by classmates. The country is watching.

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The training modules were developed by Catharsis Productions, a Chicago-based training and education organization whose staff includes individuals who have worked in violence prevention education and have served as victim advocates.


For purposes of addressing complaints of sexual misconduct against or by University students and employees, the following uniform definitions shall be used by the University.


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