Guide To Write The Best Romantic Messages Before Your First Date


In this digital era, one cannot really stick to the ‘Pick up lines’ which were used in café, bars, restaurants, get-togethers, and parties. As time has evolved, so has our way of showing love and interest. Most of the young generation feel comfortable while talking over texts but face to face.

That is why Facebook, WhatsApp is playing a key role. But these are the medium to express your love and interest, what about the content? Here is a guide to writing the best romantic messages before your first date, and create a good impression, also make your partner feel important and loved.

Talk, But Listen Too

Psychologically, whenever a person pays attention to what you are saying, and also a response to it, you will feel good, you will feel important. And this feeling may grow interested in the other person too.

People love to listen, so when you are talking and another person is actually listening, your ‘happy-hormones’ immediately boosts up and you feel excited about meeting the person. Same happens with your partner, so make sure when you are texting him or her, you listen to their words, and make them feel important.

Understand And Be Compassionate

Understanding your partner is also very important. You two may have different personalities, different opinions. That is normal, but it is not that only your opinion is right, or only your partner’s. Both have their own perspective and try to show respect for each other’s opinion and decisions. This will win you huge respect in return too.

Don’t Hesitate To Open Up

Many of the young couples feel hesitated to open up before the first date. Don’t be hesitated, instead, open up. Texts are a beautiful medium which can convey your messages, it is like a modern version of a letter. So don’t feel restricted, and say stuff you want to say, share stuff you feel like sharing, defend stuff you feel like defending.

These are the only way your partner will have an idea, whom he or she is going on date with. And on the D-day, it will be a lot more natural and normal. You two will be already gelled up quite well.

These are the basic few guidelines you need to maintain while writing best romantic messages before your first date. Romance comes from within, it cannot be inculcated with guidelines, but how you craft your romance can be. Also, check out the for beautiful messages to send to your loved ones. Happy dating!