How to Protect Yourself at Fling Dating Platforms from Scams

It is essential to mention that the online dating industry is one of the rising tides in the economic perspective, and it is highly profitable and significant. The main problem lies in the idea that all platforms come with the potential for frauds, which leads to severe issues that happen due to it.

That led to the creation of a term catfish, which is someone who is using false identity with an idea to defraud someone, commit identity theft, and seek revenge, among other things.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, online dating frauds include the highest number of Internet scams that could reach up to three hundred million dollars yearly, which is a significant amount. 

We can all agree that these scammers are the lowest ones in the criminal world because they use someone else’s images or people such as celebrities with an idea to position themselves on these sites.

At the same time, they are trying to gain the trust of a victim, and they will soon afterward state about some emergency that requires a cash help or gift card. 

Another important consideration based on the FTC reports state the handy tips that you should consider to avoid this particular problem.

Therefore, before you consider joining fling, we recommend you to learn about potential threats you should be aware of.


  • Report As Soon As Possible


It is vital to understand that scams tend to happen in the most popular dating platforms as well, which is why you can never be entirely sure about the other side. 

Therefore, when you notice something, the first thing you should do is to report it to the website and other agencies as well.

If you enter the conversation with someone appealing and you get a similar request for a gift card due to a particular emergency, you should do something about it as soon as possible.

However, other forms of fraud can be problematic to understand because you will gain the confidence of that particular someone. You need to make sure to report it to your local police or the FTC about the site or someone that affected you.

The same thing goes for the idea that others are using your identity or images for numerous reasons. The best way to protect yourself is by checking here for info that will help you deal with any issue along the way.  


  • Search the Web


You can search the web by using reverse image search found on numerous platforms, including Google and other search engines. That way, you can check out whether someone is using your photos for different situations.

Remember that when you publish something online, people can easily download and create fake profiles to con others. Therefore, as soon as you notice something, you should report it as soon as possible.

You can use reverse image search from your PC or smartphone so that you can determine the search results, especially if you are a public person or someone with exceptional authority.

Most online criminals will try to use your images if they find it appealing to trick others into doing their deeds. Even though it sounds like a paranoid assumption, you should be aware of possible things that could happen.

How to Protect Against Online Dating Scammers

Each platform comes with the customer care team that you can contact to tell that you have issues with someone using your photos or trying to get a hold on you. Consider these behaviors and watch out for them:

  • If someone is asking your banking info or money, it is the red flag.
  • If someone is claiming to travel or stationed abroad frequently
  • If someone is offering paid services
  • If someone is asking for your personal information that does not have anything to do with dating
  • If someone is pushing a severe relationship even before you meet with each other
  • If someone is sending your links to other sites
  • If someone is only talking about themselves
  • If someone is repeating themselves which is the sign that bot is on the other side

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As soon as someone asks for money or anything for you to send, it means that you should avoid and turn it on to the customer care. 

Remember that you should never send money someone you have not met in person, it does not matter the promise you got and whether you trust him/her or not.