Night with an escort – cheat or not?

If we try to address statistics to find an answer to this question, we will not find any as there are no such. This is because many married couples do not want to admit unfaithfulness in relation to the soulmate for the obvious reasons. And if we look for an answer in anonymous polls, then they will also not give us a fair result, as they do not expose people. Of course there are also such people who admit that they have cheated without any problems but in general that is not the most common option.

Why do people cheat, and especially men?

Desire to spend time with an escort comes in mind to absolutely everyone, and married men are not exception in that list. So let’s consider the main reasons why this happens.

The first reason why men cheat on their women – the routine life. In a routine life, all the existing passion disappears. Cries at night and nappy changing begins. The woman cannot dedicate all her free time to the appearance and does not look as attractive anymore. Men do not want to look after themselves as well and often end up in an ever worse condition. Other problems begin that absolutely beat of any desire to have romanticism or sex. If any intimacy takes place once a week – even this is really good. At this point you will not hear anyone talk about several times in day any more.

The second reason which causes desire to cheat – monotony and loss of interest. People who live together for many years treat each other absolutely differently to those who just start their romantic path. 20th century is gone and nowadays no one will force you to live together until the death. The youth has got used to dealing with problems with marriage by simply running into the registry office and filing for a divorce. People also do not hurry to get married and take more time to choose the rightone.

Consistently, as a rule, a great number of men, as well as women lose interest in their partners, even after a few years or months from starting a relationship. There is also nothing surprising about it as we understand that when in an extent of several years everything is happening exactly the same every day it somehow bores. Therefore, it is hard to blame people who act this way at all.

The following reason why people cheat is due to the insecurity of one of the partners. Here too there is nothing surprising because lack of confidence usually does not lead to anything good. If we look at it from a logical perspective, when the person cannot open up even in front of the partner, there is nothing right about it. Besides, people who have some insecurities often don’t want to experiment, as they prefer to choose the zone of comfort for themselves and on that decision everything comes to an end. As a result, there is no chance of trying something new and in reality the other partner is left with nothing.

If we look at these reasons, then it is not surprising at all why men decide to choose to spend finer time in the company of glamorous call girls. Because none of them has any insecurities at all, they are ready to provide you with the full variety. As one wise woman said: «if the man doesn’t receive what he wants then shortly he will go in a place it can be given to him». If the man has intimate problems with the wife, he will not suffer long. He will look for solutions of the problem with other ladies. If to ask whether this can be considered as cheating, you will not be able to get the right answer. This is because each man for sure will find himself justification, which may or may not be good enough. If the justification is good enough, then the existing relationship is too much to take and the choice to leave is made to have a healthier life, in which case it is not cheating.

Ideally, no matter what problems a couple has, it is necessary to solve them, instead of giving up and running away. However, there are also plenty of cases where the relationship is solely suffering for the men and is harming mentally and physically. In this case there is no better decision to stop it, and have fun with some stunning ladies instead.

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