Responding to anti-sex doll myths

The fact cannot get denied that the sex doll industry is one of the marginalized populations growing with a high peak. Many people, mainly writers and bloggers, that demean the sex doll community, malign them without even thinking or expecting any repercussions, and they believe that it will popularize their hold in the market flow.

The matter of fact is that the world needs to know and understand the facts and myths related to the sex doll industry for broader acceptance. Many lies and orthodox believe that they go around the world about this industry, but no one ever tries to understand the things or clarify the disbelief.

Common myths related to the industry

  • The sex doll will make men treat women like objects: It is a common myth that surrounds people’s minds. The fact is the other way around, as men treat the sex dolls as women to get a good pleasure.
  • The owners must be impotent or problematic: Marginalizing the already affected group is not what should get done as these sex dolls’ owners differ from person to person. The interest, taste, reasons, and needs tend to disagree with people.
  • Most men own sex dolls: There is a common belief that only men tend to Japanese sex doll and other kinds of sex dolls for their pleasure, which is not valid! There are many women out there who tend to buy sex dolls for their own needs and benefits.
  • Childlike sex dolls make people child molester: There is no fact to support this mythical belief. It is just the prejudice and the pre-judgment of the people who think about some possible future that might not happen.
  • They provoke rape culture: The people who own the sex toys and dolls need a relationship they do not have rape fantasies. Many owners take care of their dolls with the same adoration that they might have done with a real woman.

The maximum of the articles and blogs that got written demeaning the industry are written by the people who are the outsiders or have never used a sex doll in their life. There might be some people who may argue about the myths being true, but until and unless you use the sex dolls by yourself, one cannot get hold of reality.