Virtual sex is nothing less than real sex

Human relationships and communication have been impacted by technology. In the time of internet virtual relationships are quite common. A good example is people meeting through the internet and then getting married. Virtual relations don’t exist physically but appear to exist by the software used. Examples of virtual relations are people getting to know each other through chat rooms, dating apps, online gaming etc. Similarly, there is virtual sex or cyber sex.

So what exactly is cybersex? It involves sexually explicit videos, messages or pictures that may be exchanged between two or more individuals through phones or computers. As such sexting or cam sex which is quite common is a part of virtual sex. The human body is made to feel sexual pleasure without the physical touch of another person. Portals like Asian webcam chat, adult chat or Asian pussy online sex offer services that fulfil a person’s sexual needs without needing to connect physically with a partner.

William Harris doesn’t feel comfortable in a social scenario ad hates small talk. For him to get a sex partner involves meeting girls and trying to strike a conversation. He finds it difficult to charm a woman at first go. “I found it hard to meet and chat women up. So how do I get my sexual release? I am a straight 29-year-old male and I have sexual urges. This is how one day I found a link that said ‘hot webcam sex with Asian girl. I clicked on it and that night I found a long-awaited release,” says Harris. He describes his experience as great and the fact he still uses virtual sex to get the much-needed relief says a lot about the desirability of virtual sex.

There are many like Harris who indulges in virtual sex in many forms. Right from chatting, sexting to cam sex. There was a woman who had indulged in Asian nude sex chat. She was Asian herself and was attracted to mostly Asian men. This chat helped her regain confidence in her sexuality and find the release sexually. She found herself using it more and more as virtual sex has its advantages.

Virtual sex involves less stress and there is not physical touch. Because of this, a person may be less intimidated. It is safer as the identity is protected and again the two people aren’t in the same room.

There are advances in technology as well that is taking virtual sex to new levels. Smartphones and VR goggles are being added to enhance pleasure without the human touch. Kissenger is also a technology that transmits kisses across distances. Imagine getting a hot kiss through your smartphone that feels like a real one.

Virtual sex may not be real sex with body fluid mingling, but it also isn’t less than the real thing. You still get to orgasm and feel toe-curling pleasure. One just needs to figure out what lights their fire – cam sex or nude chats or other options from a whole range of virtual sex offerings.

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