What are the pros and cons of having casual sex with a friend? 

Casual sex has become very common these days. Earlier, sex was confined to having it with those on whom you feel a deep connection with. But, these days, for pleasure, people tend to have casual sex with friends and this concept is commonly being called Friends with benefits. There are some pros and cons which are associated with it. Some of which are listed below. 

Pros of casual sex 

These are the pros of having casual sex. Have a look at the bright side.

  • Provides a boost to self-esteem

When people are feeling that they cannot find love in their life with whom they can have sex, they can make sure that their self-esteem gets a boost by having casual sex. When people are having casual sex, they need not worry about how the other person feels as the only agenda here is to have sex alone. 

  • No guilt involved 

When you are in a relationship and you have sex with your partner, when you both break up, then the feeling of guilt will fall huge on both the girl and the guy. The same when you have casual sex, then there is no feeling of guilt involved. 

Cons of casual sex 

There are many cons to casual sex. These are the dark sides to it. 


  • Might become emotional 


There are chances where the person can get emotionally attached to the one, they are having sex with. There are many movies that were released which speak of this particular factor. 

  • Might contract STD 

When you meet women for sexyou cannot ask if they are having Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). There are chances you might contract STD. 

These are the things you need to know about casual sex before you plan to have one. It is indeed enjoyable if you do it right.