Why Men’s Lube is Different to Women’s Lube

It’s Important to Buy The Right Lube For You 


It’s easy to think that all lubes are the same – but men and women have very different needs in the bedroom. 

If you’re a guy just starting to experiment in the bedroom, then you’re going to be stocking up on plenty of lube. Now, it’s easy to assume that all lubes are the same – but there is a big difference between lube for men and lube for women. Here’s everything that you need to know. 

Needs to last

Unlike women, men do not naturally produce any lubrication. So, unlike the lube that women use for sex, men’s lube is much more long-lasting. It needs to be, after all! If lube dries out, then more will need to be added right away to avoid any discomfort. Needing to do so very often really can ruin the mood. So always opt for men’s lube, as this will stay put and keep things slick and comfortable for a much longer amount of time. 

Men’s lubes help you to stay safe

Lube that dries out quickly can not only lead to sex that is more uncomfortable, but sex that is more dangerous. Let’s explain that a little bit more in-depth. When there’s a lot of friction, such as during anal sex where the wrong lube has been used, condoms can tear. Now, if you’re trying to stay safe – either with one man or multiple partners – a torn condom can have some big implications. So, opt for lube that’s designed just for men. 

Can make anal more comfortable 

Anal sex is a very different thing to vaginal intercourse, so you need to have lube that’s up to the task. As well as being long-lasting like we have already discussed, many men’s lubes also come with a variety of extras that make anal sex a lot more pleasurable. Numbing lubes for men can reduce some of the uncomfortable sensations associated with anal, so that the individual can relax and really start to enjoy themselves in no time at all.  

Men’s lubes are better for hardcore play

Lubes for men are also much better suited to hardcore play. Lots of gay men like to experiment with fisting, and lubes marketed towards women really won’t cut it for that. You need a thick, long-lasted lube that will be able to withstand the most adventurous anal experimentation with ease. If you do want to find lube that’s perfect for fisting and very large sex toys, just take a look at the extensive selection offered by sites like Esmale. 

Where to buy your men’s lube

It’s vital that you always buy your lube from a trusted site such as Esmale. Not only will you be able to take your pick from one of the largest selections of lube for men on the web, but your order will quickly be dispatched in plain, discreet packaging. So, no one will be any the wiser to what you’ve just ordered, and you can enjoy your new lube with no embarrassment! 

Start shopping today! 

As you can see, it does pay to make sure that you’re buying the perfect lube for you. So, when you next do some naughty shopping, take the time to choose a lube that is designed for men. With the right lube, truly incredible sex awaits you and your partner! 


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